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A picture of The Tiagra 80wa: Designed for Trolling & Boat Fishing with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Trolling and boat fishing requires the right equipment to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. The Shimano Tiagra 80wa Trolling Reel is the perfect choice for anglers targeting offshore species such as Tuna, Marlin, Large Sharks, and many others.

Shimano: Built for the Best

Shimano has long been the top choice for anglers worldwide due to their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. With over 90 years of expertise in the fishing industry, they have perfected their understanding of the needs of anglers and how their products can meet those needs.

From their cutting-edge technology like the Hydrothermal Drag System and Anti-Rust Bearings that set a new standard for high performance and durability to their ease of use and attention to comfort so no matter what skill level you are at, you can access their products – Shimano is an industry leader through and through. As a trusted brand, Shimano is always mindful of sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices to keep environmental impact to a minimum, earning them angler’s trust time and time again.

A picture of The Tiagra 80wa: Designed for Trolling & Boat Fishing with Avid Angler in St. Augustine


The Tiagra 80wa is built to withstand harsh fishing conditions and is constructed with Solid Bar-Stock Aluminum for strength and durability. The gears are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the reel features Shimano’s 2-speed mechanism that is always engaged for quick, easy gear ratio changes.

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