Fishing Rods

Avid Angler’s selection of fishing rods is among the largest and most complete in Northeast Florida. St. Augustine fisherman delight in our vast selection of rods including: SHIMANO, STAR, ST. CROIX, FENWICK, ABU GARCIA, NOMAD, PENN, CROWDER, DIAWA, BERKLEY, SHAKESPEARE and more.

For the casual angler, we have a large selection of fiberglass rods and graphite rods for the experienced anglers who demand strength and flexibility while maintaining an efficient light weight feel.

High Quality Reels

Avid Angler takes great pride in offering the highest quality reels not only for the serious angler but for the angler who just wants to relax and get away from it all.

There is no need to go out of town or order from a catalog. Avid Angler has a large selection of the best reels in the business with an equally large range of prices.

As a Gold Label Shimano Dealer we can provide any of the hard to get Shimano products that other shops cannot carry.

Fishing Hooks

Avid Angler is pleased to have available the hooks that work for you. As you look through our rows of hooks, all of your favorites will be there.

Avid Angler’s Assortment of Live Bait

We have live bait to suite all your fresh water and deep sea fishing needs. Please see our live bait page for types and prices.


Avid Angler’s lure selection is a complete collection of the best lures available today. Look through our lure area and you will find such names as: RAPALA, MIRRO LURE, BERKLEY GULP, C&H LURES, ISLAND, MEPPS (EXUDE), HEDDON and many more.