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Avid Angler Inc.: Your One-Stop Shop for Live Bait and More

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Anglers, whether seasoned or beginners, know that the right gear can make a significant difference in their fishing experience. That’s where Avid Angler Inc., situated at 2101 North Ponce De Leon Blvd. (US 1) Augustine, Florida, comes into play.

This renowned provider of live bait and essential fishing supplies has been serving anglers with top-quality products coupled with excellent customer service since its inception.

No matter if you’re planning an offshore deep-sea adventure or prefer a tranquil afternoon on the Johns River, Avid Angler caters to every angling need from rods and reels to lures and tackle boxes – they have it all.

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Live Bait: The Key To Successful Fishing

High-quality live bait is pivotal in successful Augustine area fishing trips. Avid Angler Inc. provides an impressive range of fresh live baits, such as mud minnows and shrimp, among others, which are known attractants for various saltwater fish species prevalent around Augustine beach areas.

To ensure your catch rate increases exponentially, regardless if you’re going after game fish like tarpon or inshore fish like sea trout, choosing appropriate live bait from this reputable store will significantly enhance your chances of success during both nearshore waters adventures as well as deeper Atlantic waters expeditions.

A picture of Bait with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Contact Information For Avid Anglers

  • If you need any guidance on which gear is best for your situation, do not hesitate to get in touch. Call (904) 824-8322 for assistance.
  • Email them directly at Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers, ensuring they leave equipped with everything needed for their upcoming Augustine fishing expedition.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Live Bait

When fishing in St. Augustine, your choice of live bait can make or break your day on the water. The right bait attracts a wide variety of saltwater fish species and significantly enhances catch rates, whether you’re exploring nearshore waters or venturing into deep-sea settings.

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Using Mud Minnows and Live/Dead Shrimp

In the world of St. Augustine fishing, mud minnows and shrimp have emerged as top contenders for effective live baits. Their popularity among anglers isn’t just hype; these two types offer distinct advantages that attract an array of game fish found within our local Atlantic waters.

Mud minnows are known for their hardiness – they last longer on hooks compared to other baits, making them ideal when targeting resilient sport fish like flounder or redfish, which find their erratic movements irresistible.

Meanwhile, dead shrimp’s strong smell draws attention from sea trout, black drum, and sheepshead.

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Beyond simply selecting appropriate live bait, understanding how best to hook it so its presentation mimics natural prey while still being secure enough against cunning predators is crucial. For instance, with mud minnows, you’d typically want to hook through the lips without hitting vital organs, whereas tail-hooking often works best with dead shrimp, allowing for better casting distance while keeping the enticing scent trail intact, attracting more bites.

Tailoring Your Bait Choice To The Fishing Environment

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Your selection should be guided by where you plan to drop the line since different habitats host diverse kinds of sport fishes. Inshore areas such as marshes might see more success using crustaceans like crabs and shrimp, whereas deeper offshore spots could benefit from small fishes that closely match the diet profiles of local predators, thereby increasing the chances of successful catches.

  • If you’re interested in experiencing the thrill of catching big game fishes firsthand, visit Avid Angler Inc.’s store today to get all the essential gear, including quality live baits, needed to maximize the opportunities available in

Main Idea: 

In St. Augustine fishing, the right live bait like mud minnows or shrimp can significantly boost your catch rates. It’s crucial to hook them properly and tailor your bait choice according to the fishing environment for a successful angling adventure.

Quality Fishing Gear Available at Avid Angler Inc.

The secret to a successful Augustine fishing trip? It’s all about the gear. And where better to stock up than Avid Angler Inc.? This one-stop shop offers everything you need for your next adventure, whether it’s casting off from Johns County Ocean Pier or exploring nearshore waters in a kayak.

Exclusive Shimano Products at Avid Angler

A highlight of our inventory is an impressive range of products by the industry-leading brand, Shimano. As an authorized Gold Label Dealer, we offer exclusive access to hard-to-find items that will elevate your fishing experience on the Atlantic Coast like never before.

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You’ll find top-tier rods and reels designed with precision engineering for reliable performance under challenging conditions – perfect when targeting game fish such as blackfin tuna or king mackerel out in the gulf stream or other prime locations within the Augustine area’s diverse marine environments.

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In addition, our store carries lures from popular brands including Rapala, Mirro Lure, and Berkley Gulp among others. These attractants are crafted specifically towards enticing different species found across various local habitats – from mud minnows favored by saltwater fish along Matanzas River banks, to dead shrimp effective during low tide surf fishing sessions at Augustine Beach.

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Variety Is Key:

We understand every angler has unique needs. That’s why beyond rods, reels, and lures, you’ll also discover essential accessories like line, hooks, sinkers, amongst others. This comprehensive selection ensures you’re fully equipped regardless if you’re planning freshwater excursions down Guana River or eyeing another thrilling catch tarpon day out on Palm Coast.

Your One-Stop Shop:

Serving anglers for years, Avid Anglers prides itself on being more than just a retail outlet. It stands as a hub for the community, a place where beginners can learn, the experienced can share insights, and everyone walks away enriched.


Main Idea: 

For a St. Augustine fishing trip, gear up at Avid Angler Inc., your one-stop shop stocked with top-notch Shimano products and an array of lures for every angling need. It’s not just a store but a community hub where anglers can learn, share insights, and enrich their experience.

Your Adventure Begins At Avid Angler Inc.

Avid Angler Inc., located right within Augustine itself, can provide everything required for such adventures – from top-tier gear like Shimano rods and Rapala lures to essential live baits, including mud minnows, shrimp, crabs, and more..

Avid Angler Inc.’s staff stands ready with their extensive knowledge about local fish species, optimal fishing spots, suitable baits for various environments, along with light tackle techniques; they will assist both novice fishermen and experienced anglers alike.

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Fishing In St. Augustine

Northeast Florida’s inshore waters offer perfect conditions where one can sight-fish while basking amidst nature’s beauty up close. If surf-fishing appeals more, then ample opportunity awaits.

Allow them to guide you towards fulfilling all those angling dreams, whether freshwater or saltwater; inland rivers or open seas. It doesn’t matter what kind of fisherman you are because there’s something for everyone in beautiful Augustine.

St. Augustine is a fishing paradise, offering an array of exciting opportunities from inshore to deep-sea adventures.

The city’s prime locations like Johns County Ocean Pier and Guana River teem with diverse game fish ready for the catch.

Avid Angler Inc., your one-stop shop, provides all you need – top-quality live bait and gear to ensure successful outings.

Selecting the right live bait can be a game-changer; mud minnows and dead shrimp are among local favorites that attract various species.

You’ll find quality brands at Avid Angler Inc. – everything an angler needs under one roof!

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