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A picture of Peak Season for Targeting Wahoo in St. Augustine with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Wahoo is a highly sought-after game fish known for its speed, power, and fighting spirit. Found in the open ocean, it is one of the fastest fish in the sea and can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. St. Augustine, Florida, is known for its abundant wahoo fishing, and anglers come from far and wide to target these magnificent fish.

What is Wahoo?

Wahoo, belonging to the mackerel family, along with tuna and king mackerel, is a popular choice for anglers due to its size, speed, and challenge. With an elongated body, largemouth, and razor-sharp teeth, wahoos can be incredibly daunting opponents. These fish can grow to an impressive eight feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds, so if you catch one, it is undoubtedly a success worth celebrating! Whether a novice or an experienced angler, adding the Wahoo to your list of catches can genuinely enrich your fishing experience.

Where to find Wahoo in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a hot spot for catching wahoo, with some of the best angling off its coast. The Gulf Stream, about 20 miles offshore, is destined for wahoo with its strong currents and abundance of baitfish, creating an ideal habitat – not to mention warm waters – for them to live and thrive in. Though it’s possible to snag a wahoo closer to shore, the trip may take some dedicated fishermen further out at 30-40 miles offshore. Experienced anglers will be able to fill their coolers with these prized catches, but newcomers should heed caution in such untested waters.

A picture of Peak Season for Targeting Wahoo in St. Augustine with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Best time to target Wahoo in St. Augustine

From late November through the end of April, anglers in St. Augustine luck out when it comes to targeting wahoo. Not only are these fish more active and prone to feeding during this period, but warmer water temperatures make fishing much more pleasant for anglers. During this time of year, you can spend as much time on the water as you like without feeling cold. It’s no wonder, so many anglers come down to St. Augustine in the fall and winter; nothing beats planning a day spent offshore and coming back home with a nice catch!

Tackle, Gear, and Techniques

When targeting wahoo, having the right gear is essential to successful angling. A heavy-duty fishing rod with fast action and a high-gear ratio reel is recommended, as these fish are known for their speed and power. A braided line with a high strength rating should be used to match them.

Ensure that you have a strong fishing leader and wire or fluorocarbon leader on deck. Of course, don’t forget lures or baits – trolling and jigging are effective techniques. When trolling, you can use tricks such as ballyhoo, diving plugs, and skirted lures; jigging allows anglers to target wahoo in deeper waters. You will be ready for an exciting wahoo fishing experience with the right equipment!

A picture of Peak Season for Targeting Wahoo in St. Augustine with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

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