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This calendar offers detailed insights into the diverse fishing opportunities that St. Augustine, Florida provides throughout the year.

Fishing in St. Augustine isn’t just an activity – it’s a lifestyle embraced by locals and visitors alike.

The  St. Augustine Fishing Calendar serves as your go-to resource to maximize every angling adventure you embark on in this beautiful city.

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St. Augustine Fishing Calendar: Your Year-Round Guide

The St. Augustine Fishing Calendar is not just a tool, it’s an angler’s bible that helps navigate the diverse fishing opportunities in this historic Floridian city.

“Different species make their presence felt at different times of the year in our waters, creating a unique and dynamic angling experience.”

– Avid Angler Expert Team

Fishing in St. Augustine is like embarking on a new adventure every season.

Inshore Saltwater Fishing in St. Augustine

The inshore waters of St. Augustine are an angler’s paradise, boasting a diverse range of saltwater fish species. From tranquil backwaters to brackish marshes, each area offers its own unique challenges and rewards.

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Fall Season – The Arrival of Flounder and Red Drum

As the summer heat gives way to fall coolness, offshore and nearshore fishing experiences hit peak excitement levels here in St. Augustine.

This time witnesses flounder migrating from oceanic depths towards shallower coastal areas for spawning purposes, while red drum get more active, providing thrilling battles for those targeting them.

Winter Season – Sheepshead and Speckled Trout Galore.

In stark contrast with regions where winter freezes over fishing activities, winter fishing in St. Augustine has its own special charm.

You will find sheepshead flocking around structures such as docks or bridges, which become excellent spots for shore-based anglers during this time.

Speckled trout also become abundant, especially when using live shrimp baits under popping corks.

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Spring Season – Welcome Back Cobia and Spanish Mackerel.

The onset of spring brings warmer weather patterns, encouraging various species back into local waters and reigniting exciting angling action after winter’s chilliness. Find more details on spring fishing strategies here.

Cobia makes their annual appearance during springtime, often spotted cruising near the surface, while Spanish mackerel come into play, presenting light tackle enthusiasts with fantastic sportfishing opportunities.

Summer Inshore Fishing

The summer season brings a different vibe to fishing in the vibrant inshore waters of St. Augustine. Warmer temperatures lead to changes in fish feeding habits and cause shifts in their usual habitats.

A well-loved spot among local anglers is Vilano Beach where sheepshead, bluefish, Spanish mackerel can be found aplenty along with snook and sharks that frequent near shorelines.

If you’re seeking more thrill, why not try your luck at Palm Valley’s deeper channels? This place is known for tarpon congregations – strong fighters which make them exciting catches but remember they are strictly catch-and-release due to conservation efforts.


Be certain to examine the most current regulations before venturing out. (FWC Recreational Fishing Regulations)

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Offshore Saltwater Fishing in St. Augustine

The Atlantic Coast is teeming with offshore fishing opportunities, and no place exemplifies this more than the vibrant waters of St. Augustine.

” St. Augustine offers a rich diversity of species for anglers to target year-round.”

– Avid Angler, Your Guide to Offshore Fishing

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced angler or just starting out – there’s always something exciting waiting beneath the waves.

A Year-Round Affair: Kingfish and Barracuda

When talking about offshore saltwater fishing here, kingfish are impossible not to mention. Peaking during the summer months when they migrate closer to shore.

Barracuda, too, are quite widespread across Florida’s coastline, offering thrilling encounters any time of the year due to their aggressive nature. They sure can put up a challenge.

Tuna, Grouper, Snapper: The Deep Sea Trio

Excited about venturing into deeper waters? Tuna should be your top catch, particularly in spring and early summer as they move closer to warmer surfaces.

Freshwater Fishing Seasons in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, a gem of Florida, is renowned for its year-round . Thanks to the city’s strategic location on the banks of the famous St Johns River, it’s a dream come true for anglers.

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Spring: Bass and Catfish Take Center Stage

The advent of spring around March signals an exciting time for freshwater fishing enthusiasts as largemouth bass commence their spawning season. Their increased aggression during this period makes them easier targets.

Catfish, too, find themselves in active mode towards late spring when water temperatures rise slightly, offering yet another attractive catch opportunity.

Summer: Prime Time for Panfish

The summer months from June through August see panfish like bluegill and crappie take over the limelight. The abundance of these smaller species during warmer months ensures non-stop action both for novices trying their hand at angling or seasoned veterans looking to hone their skills further.

Better results are usually achieved by focusing your efforts either early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.

Fall: Bowfin and Gar Become Active

In fall (September-November), bowfin comes alive. Known locally as mudfish or swamp trout, they provide an exhilarating challenge even to experienced fishermen with their hard-fighting nature.

Gars also increase activity levels significantly during this period, making it ideal if you fancy hooking into one of these ancient-looking predators.

Winter: Crappie’s Season

Come winter; while many other species slow down due to colder weather conditions from December through February, crappie seizes full advantage by moving closer inland where food sources are abundant thus becoming easier targets.

Keep in mind, certain seasons might favor some fish due to breeding cycles and other factors. But don’t worry, there’s always a catch waiting somewhere, so don’t let the off-season discourage you from casting your line. Just remember to be a responsible angler – respect size limits and closed seasons. This way we can help keep our precious marine life thriving.

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Surf Fishing Opportunities in St. Augustine

If you’re looking for a unique angling experience, surf fishing along the beaches of St. Augustine is a must-try.

Let’s explore why this Florida city offers an unparalleled surf fishing adventure.

  1. Abundant Marine Life

The waters around St. Augustine are teeming with diverse marine life, making it an angler’s paradise.

To make the most of your trip, understanding local species and their habits can make all the difference – from knowing when certain fish are biting to what bait they prefer.

This knowledge increases your chances of a good catch and contributes to sustainable fishing practices.

  1. Favorable Climate for Surf Fishing

The climate in St. Augustine is another reason why it’s such a great spot for surf fishing. With mild winters and warm summers, you have year-round opportunities to cast your line into its rich waters.

Due to changing water temperatures, you’ll find different species thriving at various times throughout the year.

No matter when you decide to visit, something exciting will always be waiting beneath those waves.

  1. Expansive Beaches Offering Diverse Fishing Spots

St. Augustine boasts miles upon miles of beautiful coastline, providing ample spots for anglers looking for prime casting locations. Each location offers unique challenges and rewards, from tranquil lagoons to bustling piers.

Pier-fishing often results in larger catches due to its depth proximity.

Fishing near jetties or rock formations attracts predator fish searching for sheltering prey.

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Fishing Piers in St. Augustine

When it comes to angling opportunities, few places rival the fishing piers around St. Augustine. With a variety of species waiting beneath their surfaces, these spots are surefire winners for anglers.

The Vilano Beach Fishing Pier

A jewel among Florida’s coastal towns, Vilano Beach’s fishing pier is an angler’s haven. It extends into the Intracoastal Waterway and presents promising catches like flounder and redfish. Beyond its excellent facilities, you’ll find picnic areas that add charm to your experience.

“A great day on this pier isn’t just about catching fish; it’s also about soaking up the sun in one of our picturesque picnic areas.”

Johns County Ocean Pier: More Than Just A Spot To Fish

This location doesn’t just offer spectacular views but gives access to a plethora of sea life including pompano and king mackerel.

Beyond casting lines here, there’s more fun with community events happening throughout the year.

Mantanzas Inlet Bridge Fishing Area: Where Saltwater Meets Diversity

Nestled at Matanzas Inlet bridge area lies an exciting spot teeming with diverse marine life from sheepshead to black drum – making every visit worthwhile. The scenic beauty combined with plentiful catches makes this one of St. Augustine’s most loved fishing locations.

Lighthouse Park Dock: Serenity And Seafood Await

Closer to home near Anastasia State Park sits Lighthouse Park dock – where tranquil surroundings meet bountiful seafood varieties such as mullets or blue crabs. Every trip down here not only promises rewarding hauls but leaves you feeling refreshed by nature itself.


Just a heads up, you’ll need the right licenses before you can start casting your line at these spots.

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Fishing Charters & Boats in St. Augustine

The beauty and appeal of fishing are amplified when you embark on a guided fishing trip. They provide a unique opportunity to explore remote locations teeming with abundant fish species off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida.

“Fishing charters offer not just equipment but also expert guidance. This is why they’re loved by both beginners and seasoned anglers.”

– Avid Angler Team Member

In essence, your success rate in catching big fish increases manifold with these services as you have experienced charter captains who know local waters like the back of their hand.

How Moon Phases Influence St. Augustine’s Fisheries

Moon phases and their impact on fish behavior are interesting aspects of nature that can greatly enhance your fishing experience in St. Augustine, Florida.

The Power of the Rising Moon

Fish are sensitive to environmental factors like light levels and tides, both influenced by moonrise data. The time when the moon rises or sets is often linked with increased feeding activity among various species.

High tide occurs due to gravitational pull during moonrise, which brings baitfish closer to shore where predators eagerly await. As an angler, being aware of this pattern can help you optimize your strategy for better yields.

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Lunar Phases and Their Effect on Fish Feeding Patterns

Ancient anglers noticed patterns between lunar cycles and fish feeding habits long before scientific studies validated these observations. Each phase – new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter – influences underwater life differently.

New Moons and Full Moons: An Angler’s Dream?

During peak periods like new moons or full moons, tidal ranges increase due to stronger gravitational forces at work when Earth, Sun, and Moon align together. Higher tides stir up nutrients from ocean floors, leading to greater food availability, thereby enticing more fish towards shallower waters. Timing expeditions around these periods could lead to hitting those larger catches.

Crescent and Quarter Moons: Hidden Opportunities

In contrast, during off-peak times like crescent or quarter moons, lesser tidal movements occur, resulting in less food-stirring activity below surface levels. While it might seem disadvantageous, certain species prefer quieter waters away from the chaos during peak times, making off-peak hours equally rewarding if targeted right.

Remember, even though tracking the moon’s phases can give us a leg up, it doesn’t promise success every time. After all, Mother Nature has the final say.

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St. Augustine is a year-round fishing paradise, offering diverse opportunities to catch a variety of species.

Got a passion for fishing? Swing by Avid Angler. We’ve got everything you need – bait, tackle, and more!

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