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A picture of One Jig To Rule Them All? Big Eye Bucktail Jigs with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

The Big Eye Bucktail Jig is a versatile bucktail jig that is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. These jigs feature a pearl eye that is irresistible to fish, and their unique design provides the right movement in the water to help you catch fish. Whether you are fishing inshore for seatrout, redfish, or flounder, or on the lake for bass, the Big Eye Bucktail Jig will help you catch more fish.

The Eye Size & Detail

When you’re out on the water, fishing for that big catch, it’s important to use the right lure. And one of the most important details on that lure is the eye. It might seem like a small thing, but believe me, the fish notice. The eye on the lure needs to be just the right size and shape to give off the right vibes. The Big Eye Bucktail Jig accomplishes this.

For Inshore Fishing

The bucktail jig is a versatile lure that can be used for a variety of inshore fish. The bright colors and movement of the bucktail jig attract the attention of these fish, and the three-dimensional shape of the jig imitates the profile of a baitfish. In Florida, the bucktail jig is an effective lure for redfish, seatrout, and snook.

Redfish, Flounder, And Other Bottom Feeders

Most inshore fish are bottom dwellers and feed primarily on shrimp, crabs, and small baitfish. The bucktail jig is an ideal lure for targeting these species, as it can be worked slowly along the bottom where fish are most likely to be found. When retrieving the jig, it is best to use a slow and steady motion in these cases – especially for flounder.

For Snook

Fishing with a bucktail jig is one of the most effective ways to catch snook. The fast twitching motion of the jig imitates the movement of a wounded baitfish, and this action is very attractive to snook.

When using a bucktail jig, it is important to maintain a tight line. This will help ensure you feel every strike and can quickly set the hook. Once you have hooked a fish, be sure to fight it vigorously. Snook are powerful fighters and will try to use their bodies to throw the hook.

The bucktail jig can be worked in a variety of ways to trigger a strike, and it is especially effective when fished around grass beds or oyster bars. Whether you are fishing for fun or trying to fill your cooler, the bucktail jig is an excellent choice for inshore fishing in Florida.

For Bass Fishing

Bass are opportunistic feeders, which means they’re constantly on the lookout for an easy meal. One type of bait that never fails to attract their attention is the bucktail jig. These lures imitate the appearance and movement of small fish, making them irresistible to bass.

The key to using a bucktail jig is to select the right size and color for the conditions.

Another important consideration when using a bucktail jig is the retrieve speed. A slow, steady retrieve is often best, but occasionally a faster retrieve can trigger a strike from even lethargic bass. Ultimately, experimentation is the key to finding the right combination of size, color, and retrieve speed when using a bucktail jig for bass.

Big Eye Bucktail Jig Specs:

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The Big Eye Bucktail Jig is an excellent choice for anglers targeting a variety of inshore fish species. The bright colors and fast action of the jig are sure to attract attention, and the durable construction can stand up to plenty of abuse.

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