A picture of Expert Advice: Top Local Gamefish to Target in St. Augustine this Spring with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida, is a fishing paradise that offers year-round opportunities for anglers. As the winter season transitions into spring, the variety of gamefish in the inshore waters changes. We’ll explore the top local gamefish to target this spring based on expert advice and the 2023 St. Augustine Fishing Calendar provided by Avid Angler.

Spring Gamefish Highlights

In the early months of the year, inshore fishermen focus their attention on jack crevalles and seatrout. However, as spring approaches, the bite for these two species slows down, and other gamefish begin to steal the spotlight. Here are the top local gamefish to target in St. Augustine this spring:

  1. Redfish: As winter turns to spring, redfish become more active, making them a prime target for anglers. These hard-fighting fish are known for their distinctive spots and offer a thrilling catch.
  2. Black Drum: Another species that picks up in March is the black drum. Known for their dark vertical stripes, these powerful fish put up a great fight and are a popular target for inshore fishermen.
  3. Flounder: Flounder, a favorite among anglers for their delicate taste, become more prevalent in the spring months. These flat, bottom-dwelling fish can be a challenge to catch, adding excitement to your fishing trip.
  4. Seatrout: While the bite for seatrout slows down towards the end of winter, they remain a popular target for anglers in the spring. These beautiful, spotted fish are known for their aggressive takes and acrobatic leaps when hooked.
  5. Mangrove Snapper and Jack Crevalle: As May arrives, mangrove snapper and jack crevalle become increasingly active. These feisty fish offer a thrilling experience for anglers and can be found in abundance during the spring months.
  6. Inshore Sharks: For those who enjoy the thrill of targeting inshore sharks, the bite starts to heat up in June. The warmer waters of spring bring these powerful predators closer to shore, offering an exhilarating angling adventure.

A picture of Expert Advice: Top Local Gamefish to Target in St. Augustine this Spring with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Preparing for Your Spring Fishing Adventure

Before setting out on your St. Augustine fishing expedition, it’s essential to prepare yourself with the right gear and knowledge. Understanding the habits and preferences of the gamefish you’re targeting will greatly enhance your chances of success. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your spring fishing trip:

By taking the time to prepare for your spring fishing adventure in St. Augustine, you’ll be well-equipped to reel in a variety of gamefish and make unforgettable memories on the water.

A picture of Expert Advice: Top Local Gamefish to Target in St. Augustine this Spring with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Everything You Need and More

St. Augustine is the perfect destination for anglers looking to target a variety of gamefish during the spring season. Avid Angler, a premier fishing supply store in Northeast Florida, offers an extensive selection of fishing gear and supplies to help you reel in the catch of the day. With top-quality brands, products, and even live or dead bait, Avid Angler has everything you need to make your fishing experience a success. So, don’t wait – check out Avid Angler today and get ready to tackle the exciting gamefish of St. Augustine this spring!

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