Are you looking to catch more fish on the flats? Inshore fishing can be a blast, but it’s no fun if you’re not catching any fish.

We’ve prepared some great information on flats fishing to help you hook up and land more fish. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, these tips will help you improve your fishing skills.

Here are five tips to help you catch more fish on the flats.

Tip 1: Use The Right Gear

If you want to catch fish on the flats, you need to use the right gear. Choose a light rod and reel combo that can handle small lures and light line. A spinning reel combo is an excellent setup for flats fishing and can handle a wide variety of inshore saltwater applications.   

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Tip 2: Fish The Right Water

Not all flats are created equal. For example, fishing flats close to deep water can pay huge dividends. Additionally, flats that offer some sort of cover are better than those that do not. In particular, grass flats are excellent places to hunker down and fish. In other words, flats that include features that set them apart from featureless flats are better habitats for fish to lie in wait for food or set up to spawn.

Tip 3: Look For Signs Of Life

When you’re flats fishing, keep an eye out for signs of life. Pay close attention to things like baitfish schooling or birds working the water. These are good indications that there are fish in the area. If you see baitfish, there’s a good chance that predators are nearby. And if you see birds working the water, they’re usually after the same thing you are – fish!

A picture of 5 Tips for Catching More Fish On The Flats with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Tip 4: Use Stealth in Your Approach

Flats fishing is all about stealth. When fishing the shallows, the fish can detect your presence from a long way off, so it’s essential to be quiet and approach your area silently. Be careful to avoid any sudden or abrupt movements if wading, and be mindful of how you are moving. If you’re in a boat, avoid dropping things on the deck of the boat. Sounds reverberate and travel long distances underwater, so extra caution is crucial to your success. The more stealthy you can be, the more fish you’re likely to catch.

Tip 5: Fish the Moment

Preparing a fishing strategy based on the anticipated conditions is important, but you must stay flexible and ready to adapt to current conditions. For example, you may have a plan to start with topwater in the morning and then transition to something slower and more methodical as the sun gets high. However, if overcast skies extend the low light period, you may want to stick with topwater longer to take advantage of a longer morning bite scenario.

Final Word

Flats fishing can be a blast, especially when you’re employing the best strategies to help you hook up with more fish. By following the five tips above, you’ll be catching more fish in no time.  

Grab your rod and reel and get ready to wet a line. Time to get your fish on!

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