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Picking a proper hunting rifle depends on many personal preferences. There are some objective measures you can take to ensure the gun you buy suits your needs. Let me walk you through everything you need to know about how to pick a proper hunting rifle.

Hunting Rifle 101

There are multiple types of rifles: bolt-action, lever-action, Semi-Automatic break action, and single-shot. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to pick the right one for your needs. Many other things go into rifles before you even get into the style of action they have, such as ammo capacity and what rounds to use; here is a more in-depth look at all of that here.

Ammunition Capacity

Aside from the single-shots and the not-so-common revolver-style rifle, the other types usually have a capacity higher than 1 round and may come with a detachable magazine. Many bolt-action rifles happen to be single-shot rifles. This is the first factor you need to decide what level needs to be met based on what you plan to hunt and how you plan to do so.

A picture of Your First Hunting Rifle with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Many places have regulations on how many rounds you are allowed to have in your firearm while hunting, be sure to check those regulations before you make a decision. You can still buy blocks or plugs or just lower-capacity magazines for most rifles and even shotguns. With all that being said, if you are planning on hunting that requires you to take more than one shot successively, like some hog hunting may allow you to do, then you would want to start to look at bolt action or semi-auto magazine-fed rifles.

Cartridge to Target Match

A very important part of hunting is ensuring you have the right tool for the job. You don’t want to hit a buck with a .22, and you don’t want a 375 win mag on a squirrel. for your standard, medium-sized game, like those Florida deer and hog, you can use anything from .223 to 7mm and have sound effects. Choosing a cartridge that matches what you plan on hunting is crucial to having a successful and uneventful hunting trip.

Size and Weight

You have to understand your capabilities when it comes to hunting rifles just as much as you have to consider the capabilities of the rifles themselves. What you want is a comfortable rifle you can hold for extended periods because the game isn’t going to just show up on your schedule, and it may be hours before you see anything.

A picture of Your First Hunting Rifle with Avid Angler in St. Augustine

Rifles come in all sizes and shapes, and it is essential to find one built for your frame. Modern technology and accessibility have led to hunting rifles that are modular, reminiscent of military/tactical equipment. This means you can have fluted barrels and adjustable stocks with length and cheek riser adjustments.

Final Word

There’s no perfect answer when it comes to choosing a hunting rifle. It all comes down to personal preference and what you’ll be using it for. Do not forget you need to know what you are hunting, know your laws, and know your capabilities before you make any decisions. If you are purchasing your first hunting rifle. don’t know what to get, and live in the St. Augustine area, come on down and check us out! We have everything you need from Ruger, Browning, Remington, and many more!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that you need to understand your own capabilities when buying a rifle. I’m hoping to buy a rifle so I can start going with my husband when he hunts. I’ve never owned my own before, so I’ll need to find one that is comfortable for me.

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