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St. Augustine and North Florida Fishing and Hunting

Located in Northeast Florida – Avid Angler

Northeast Florida is known world wide for its year around access to a large variety of fish and game. Located on the Atlantic coast, Northeast Florida is the perfect area for fishing and hunting opportunities.

Next to the San Sabastian River in St. Augustine

Avid Angler is located on the north side of St. Augustine, Florida, conveniently situated on the west side of US 1.

Avid Angler’s Fishing Equipment

St. Augustine fishing and hunting equipment.

Fishing and hunting in Northeast Florida is perhaps the finest in the country. The local sportsmen in St. Augustine agree that purchasing rods, reels, line, hooks and lures at one convenient location makes it easy to enjoy the sport that they love.

Fishing Rods

Avid Angler's selection of fishing rods is among the largest and most complete in Northeast Florida. St. Augustine fisherman delight in our vast selection of rods including: SHIMANO, STAR, ST. CROIX, REDDINGTON, KISTLER, PENN, CROWDER, DIAWA, BERKLEY, SHAKESPEARE and more.

For the casual angler, we have a large selection of fiberglass rods and graphite rods for the experienced anglers who demand strength and flexibility while maintaining an efficient light weight feel.

High Quality Reels

Avid Angler takes great pride in offering the highest quality reels not only for the serious angler but for the angler who just wants to relax and get away from it all.

There is no need to go out of town or order from a catalog. Avid Angler has a large selection of the best reels in the business with an equally large range of prices.

Fishing Hooks

Avid Angler is pleased to have available the hooks that work for you. As you look through our rows of hooks, all of your favorites will be there.

Avid Angler’s Assortment of Live Bait

We have live bait to suite all your fresh water and deep sea fishing needs. Please see our live bait page for types and prices.


Avid Angler's lure selection is a complete collection of the best lures available today. Look through our lure area and you will find such names as: RAPALA, MIRRO LURE, BERKLEY GULP, C&H LURES, ISLAND, MEPPS (EXUDE), HEDDON and many more.

Fishing Line


Our monofilament line is perfect for sport fishing. From 2 to 100 lb test is available on our display racks.


Avid Angler Located in St. Augustine, Florida

Visit our our store in St. Augustine, Florida for the
finest fishing and hunting gear.
2101 N. Ponce Blvd. St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Call: (904) 824-8322.
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St. Augustine’s Place for Hunting Equipment

The right product for the right game is the key to successful hunting in Northeast Florida. Stop in and see us at the Avid Angler in St. Augustine.

Guns and Riffles

Choose from Avid Angler's selection of guns and rifles including: Browning, Remington, Ruger, Winchester, Marlin, Glock, S&W and Beretta. With the ability to order a wide variety of firearms, we have priced our guns so that you do not have to go out of town to find a better deal.

High Powered Hunting Bows

At Avid Angler, if we do not have the bow that you want, we will order from such names as: Aim Archery, Alpine Archery, Ambush Mountain Bows, Bears Paw Bows, Bill Stewart Bows and many more. We offer bow repair, string and tension adjustment and hardware replacement parts.

North Florida’s Brand Name Fishing and Hunting Apparel

We have such a complete selection of shirts, T-shirts, shorts, hats, pants and boots that you will just have to stop in and see what we have. The key to hunting and fishing apparel is their durability. Check us out.

Our High Quality Knives

At Avid Angler, we have the highest quality of top brand names in fishing, hunting and utility products. Stop in to see what we have available.

Additional Services


At Avid Angler in St. Augustine, we know which charter boats catch fish most consistently. Let us recommend the best in the area.

Reel Repair

Most of our reel repairs can be completed while you wait. You can't ask for a better place to browse while our factory certified reel repairman finish the job. We also do custom hardware replacement and reel re-builds.

Fly Tying Classes

For the dedicated fly fisherman who wants to expand their knowledge of fly tying, Avid Angler offers classes for the beginner as well as the veteran. Please give us a call or email us to find out when the next class begins.

Avid Angler History

The Avid Angler began in September 1995 by Tommy Vaughan and his family. It began as a small store in a strip mall just north of the St. Augustine city limits on Ponce de Leon Blvd. or U.S. 1. Gradually the inventory grew and the store became known for having items that others did not have.

In March 2004 the store experienced a devastating fire that destroyed more than 600 rods and hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise.

However, due to our very loyal customers and friends the Avid Angler was able to keep the doors open by moving anything salvageable into two pods and then temporally moving into the office space next door.



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